File Transfer

Transfer files to and from the server hosting your website using an FTP Client or the File Manager of your Hosting Control Panel.


Transfer files using File Manager

Look for the the FILES section after signing into your Hosting Control Panel (cPanel).

Select the File Manager button to see all the files used by your website.

cpanel files

How to transfer files

Illustrations included here show how to transfer files to and from the server using cPanel's File Manager.

Select FILE MANAGER and follow the steps below to transfer files.


  • Secure, when using the HTTPS connection provided by your hosting company.
  • Very fast when you have a good internet connection.
  • Easy process.


It is convenient to use File Manager to transfer everyday files used by your website to and from the server.

But the method should not be used to transfer Backup archives.

Instead use an FTP Client. Read on.


Transfer files using an FTP Client

FTP = File Transfer Protocol.

The FTP Client we like best of all is called FileZilla.

It is a fast and reliable intuitive cross-platform FTP Client.

Features include:

  1. drag & drop support,
  2. transfer files securely using SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP),
  3. or alternatively by a secure SSL/TLS connection (FTPS),
  4. compatible with most operating systems, and
  5. supports transfer of very large files.

This section of our guide focuses on how to use FileZilla.


Download and Install FileZilla

Download FileZilla Client from here:

Do NOT download FileZilla Server.


Which Transfer Protocol should you use?

ALWAYS use a protocol which establishes a secure encrypted connection: SFTP or FTPS.


Two Rules to strictly observe when using an FTP Client

Getting Started using FileZilla

STEP 1: Download and install the application.

Download FileZilla Client from here:

STEP 2: Set the default Transfer Type as BINARY.

Select Transfer > Transfer Type from the menu at the top of the Filezilla screen and then select BINARY.

STEP 3: Enter Host, Username, Password and Port in the Quick Connect Bar.

First confirm these credentials with your hosting provider.

STEP 4: Transfer files.

STEP 5: Disconnect from the server.

Select the red button at top of the FileZilla window,

STEP 6: Clear FileZilla's cache (see above).


FileZilla User Guide

Quote: "This guide gives you a short overview on how to use FileZilla client.

By default you don't have to configure FileZilla, so you can start directly working with the program."