Enhanced Style Sets

Even more control at your fingertips!

STYLE SETS are combinations of styles which we distill from the mass of code which determines what your website looks like.

The use of such STYLE SETS in combination with the user friendly interface provided by every WYNCHCO website design is very empowering.

If you would like to be even more empowered, ask about our ENHANCED STYLE SETS.

We are creating ENHANCED STYLE SETS all the time and most can be added to your website at very short notice.

Others can be custom built to meet your particular needs.

Give us a call if you want to make your website stand out from the crowd.

Contact Customer Support on 0161 818 8228.



Every WYNCHCO website design is comprised of four LAYERS:

Background, Container, Foreground, and Main Body.

Our ENHANCED STYLE SETS are designed to help you exert more LAYER by LAYER control.

For example, change OPACITY levels.


We can also offer the following ENHANCED STYLE SETS to help you further customise the Look & Feel of your website.

Work smarter NOT harder!

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