Enhanced FONTS Style Set

Would you like the convenience of being able to quickly switch from one font to another in your website's control panel?

If YES then our Enhanced FONTS Style Set may be what you are looking for.

It enables switching from one font to another in a couple of clicks.

See image below.

google fonts

Is there a catch?

The Google Fonts included by default in a WYNCHCO website design are 'self-hosted'.

In other words, the fonts are included with your website's template.

Reason: to avoid the need for web browsers to call Google fonts from a remote server every time a website page loads.

Result: page load speeds are faster than they would be if fonts were loaded from the Google server.

This Enhanced FONTS Style Set requires that the Google fonts be hosted remotely on Google's server.

This will result in slower page load speeds.



This Enhanced Style Set enables you to quickly switch between GOOGLE FONTS for any one of the elements shown in the above image.

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