ICANN Data Reminder Policy

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ICANN = Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers.

Domain registrars are required by ICANN's Data Reminder Policy to contact domain registrants by email to:

  • check accuracy of registrant contact details, and
  • verify registrant contact details.

If we register maintain transfer or renew domain names on your behalf then you will periodically receive such emails from domain registrar Public Domain Registry Pty Ltd (PublicDomainRegistry.com).

Read more: ICANN WhoIs Data Reminder Policy.

Email to check accuracy of registrant contact details

Once a year domain registrars send out a Whois Data Reminder email to the email address of the Registrant of every gTLD domain.

Purpose: to ensure that the domain registry managed by ICANN is kept up to date with accurate contact details for domain registrants.

Email to verify registrant contact details

ICANN require that domain registrars verify the contact details of registrants within 15 days following:

  1. a domain name being registered with unverified contact details,
  2. a domain name being transferred in, or
  3. the contact information of the Registrant contact information being modified.


Registrants are allowed 15 days in which to verify their email address.

If a registrant does not verify their email address within 15 days then their domain will not work until they do.

Once an email address has been verified, then all subsequent domain registrations, transfers or contact updates that use this email address will not require verification.


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