Custom Module Padding

in a WYNCHCO website design

You may wish to adjust a CUSTOM Module's Padding after adding a BACKGROUND image.

Padding will insert space between the Module's content and its edges.

In a WYNCHCO website design, this can be achieved in one of two ways, either GLOBALLY Or LOCALLY.

GLOBALLY change Custom Module Padding

WYNCHCO website designs include a BOX Style Set to enable you to change the Padding of ALL CUSTOM MODULES.

It may be however that you only want to change the padding of one Custom Module.

In other words, LOCALLY change Custom Module padding.

LOCALLY change Custom Module Padding

In a WYNCHCO website design you can LOCALLY change the padding of any one Custom Module.

First assign the BOX Style Set to the Module.

Then add the relevant Quick Fix Style Set.

We show you how in our separate article.

Read more: QUICK FIX Style Sets.