The Front End

On screen we can access (or sign into) your website via two doors: the front door and the back door.

We call the front door, FRONT END.

The Front End is what anyone sees when they visit your website.

The image below shows the default home page of a demonstration WYNCHCO website design.

Click on the image to visit our demonstration website.

front end

How to Sign into the Front End

You need to sign in to your Joomla! website before you can edit content.

Use the LOGIN MODULE to sign in.

By default in a WYNCHCO website design this is called MANAGE YOUR ACCOUNT and is visible in the BOTTOM Position on every page.

A SIGN IN menu link is also provided, but this is unpublished by default.

Read more: The Login Module.

plugin system remember me off login 

How to Sign Out of the Front End

When you have finished editing your site through the Front End you should always remember to sign out.

To sign out select the SIGN OUT button.

The SIGN OUT button is located by default at the foot of every screen.

login front after sign in