Working with Tables

The JCE Content Editor provides a really useful set of buttons in its editor panel (see image below) to help you insert tables in your website.

jce panel tables

joomla support cheshire manchester merseyside north west ukWe would however recommend that you only use these buttons 1 when you need to insert a traditional table in your website.

And avoid using the buttons to insert a table to control layout of content which would not normally be presented in a table.


  • Use the Insert a table button to create a table of results.
  • Don't use it to present two lists of text side by side.

In the latter instance you should instead consider using DIV tags and CSS to control the display of such content.


  1. improved performance in search engine results,
  2. improved consistency of display across wide range of screen sizes and devices.


Why we recommend using DIV Tags and CSS 

1) Responsive mobile-friendly display

Traditional tables are formatted using TD tags, which on small screens results in tables disappearing off to the right!

This does not happen when DIV tags are used to format a tabulated display.

2) Search engine friendly display

Traditional tables created using TD tags are obstructive to search bots.

DIV tags do not prevent search bots from finding your website content.