How to add a Caption to an Image

Captions are labels which can be displayed either immediately above or below an image.

They so not automatically boost your website's SEO.

But they can increase the chance of website visitors sticking around a bit longer and maybe reduce the Bounce rate for a given web page, which will indirectly benefit your website's SEO.

Read more: How to reduce bounce rates.


How to add a Caption using JCE

This will depend on which content editor you are using.

Both the TinyMCE and the JCE content editors offer this feature.

You will however need to subscribe to the PRO version of JCE to avail yourself of this feature.

We would encourage you to do so.

You can sign up for JCE PRO here.


Adding Image Captions requires the Image Manager Extended Addon for JCE

The following steps assume you have already:

  1. purchased the license to use the PRO version of JCE,
  2. downloaded the JCE Captions Addon, and
  3. installed the JCE Captions Addon.

To install a JCE Addon

Select Components > JCE Content Editor from the top menu of your website's dashboard.