How to upload images

Once you have created an image folder you are ready to upload images.

You can upload several images at a time using drag and drop.

The JCE Content Editor makes it easy to upload images whilst editing Articles and Custom HTML Modules.

There are some restrictions i.e. you may only upload image files when using the Image Editor Button at the top of the Content Editor panel.

jce panel images 

However, there is also a button called Image below the Content Editor Panel (see image below).

Select this and you will see a pop up version of the Media screen.

This pop-up will enable you to upload any Permissible File Type.

jce insert image 

Three simple steps

Maximum File Size

We recommend that you limit the file size of each image you upload to approx. 120 KB.

Reason: to ensure fast loading web pages.

You may however sometimes want to upload bigger images than this.

Whilst the JCE Content Editor has a default file size upload limit of 1024 KB, you can increase this by changing the settings of any one JCE Content Editor Profile.

Note: you will still be limited by whatever overarching Server Upload Limit is enforced by your web hosting company.

When you review any one JCE Content Editor Profile, you can:

  • see what the current Server Upload Limit is, and
  • increase the value of the JCE Upload File Size Limit.

If you need to upload an image of greater size than the Server Upload Limit you will need to contact your web hosting company's technical support.

Read more: How to increase the JCE Upload File Size Limit.


Drag & drop images directly into website articles

JCE also lets you drag & drop images directly into website articles.

image drag drop

Images dragged from your device will be stored in the root of the IMAGES directory.

You can subsequently transfer uploaded images from the root of the IMAGES directory to any sub-directory using the CUT & PASTE buttons provided.

Read more: How to move images around.


Media Screen

You can also upload images as well as other file formats using your website's Media screen.

Read more: How to upload images using the Media screen.