The Media Screen

joomla support cheshire manchester merseyside north west ukYour website's Media screen lets you upload files to your website's Images Directory.

Example media files include: GIF, JPG and PNG files.

File Formats

You can upload many different media file formats using the Media screen.

Example: PDF files.

Not all file formats are however by default Permissible File Formats.

And there is a default file size (KB) which may be uploaded.

But you can change the:

  • Permissible File Format and
  • File Size settings

using the Options button of the Media screen.

Media Options Button

At the top right of the Media screen you will see an OPTIONS button that looks like this:


The OPTIONS button enables you to change the following media settings for your website.

JCE Content Editor

You may find it quicker and easier to upload image files using the JCE Content Editor whilst editing Articles and Custom HTML Modules.

We tell you how in our Working with Images article.

Read more: How to upload images.