How to install a 3rd Party Extension

A 3rd Party Extension is one created by a developer, and which does not form part of the core Joomla! CMS.

The installation process is the same for 3rd Party Components, Plugins and Modules.

They are all types of extension.

Protect your website when using 3rd Party Extensions

Take the following steps to protect your website when installing and uninstalling extensions.

  1. Back up your website before installing an extension.
  2. Check for vulnerabilities on the Joomla! Vulnerable Extensions List.
  3. Only download extensions from trusted sites.
  4. Test an extension on a development site before installing on your live site.
  5. Next test an extension on your live site (you may wish to check logs for runtime errors and warnings).
  6. Remove any junk files from the tmp directory following installation of an extension.
  7. After uninstalling an extension, check that all related folders, files and database tables were removed by uninstall scripts.1
  8. Periodically check for new releases and update installed extensions.
  9. Check with the third party developer that there are no restrictions relating to use of their extension.


1 All folders, files and database tables left behind following uninstallation of an extension pose a potential security risk.