Global Article OPTIONS

Article OPTIONS also determine how ategories are displayed.

To review and change Global Article OPTIONS, select the button from the top right of the Content > Articles screen in your website dashboard.

cp article options button

Note the button is also visible on the Content > Categories screen.

And you can also change Global Article OPTIONS via the Global Configuration screen.

When you do you will see a range of tabs (see image) and a blue box which states:

These settings apply for article layouts unless they are changed for a specific menu item.

articles options global tabs

You will see a similar notice at the top of the other tabs shown.

Global vs Local OPTIONS

We refer to Global Article OPTIONS in different parts of our guide.

For example, we compare global with local BLOG/FEATURED LAYOUT options in our separate article: Blogging with Joomla!

By local we mean the settings applies to a specific Menu Item.

articles options global 1

articles options global 2 

articles options global 3