Rich Content

It is important to make your website 'content rich' if you want to rank highly in search engines.

You should also ensure that your Metadata (see below) reflect your Article's Rich Content.

What do we mean by Rich Content?

Rich Content is relevant and useful content.

Your Articles' content should:

  1. be relevant i.e. reflect what your visitors are searching for (approx. 500+ words per article is a good guide);
  2. include targeted key words and phrases that members of your target audience use in their searches;
  3. include synonyms (substitute words and phrases) and related keywords and phrases;
  4. be fresh - regularly update your cntent;
  5. have a Meta Title, Meta Description and Meta Keywords which uniquely reflect the text within the Article being written;
  6. employ links (max 55 characters i.e. text and spaces) to link to other content within the same Article (using Anchors) and to other relevant Articles in your website;
  7. not have too high a keyword density (proportion of keywords to total Article content).

Work smarter NOT harder!

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