How to change the Look & Feel

CONTAINER refers to the LAYER of display which sits in front of the BACKGROUND.

example container


website design layers 340Every WYNCHCO website design is comprised of four LAYERS:

Background, Container, Foreground, and Main Body.

Each LAYER comes with its own STYLE SET.

These STYLE SETS enable you to change the Look & Feel of your website LAYER by LAYER.

Change the following features with just a few simple clicks.

website design layers

Text Size & Letter Spacing

Change the size of text displayed in your website.

Increase or decrease the space between letters.

Being able to change text size and letter spacing is useful when you change FONTS.

Top Padding

Change the amount of space above the CONTAINER.


Choose to display either SQUARE or ROUND corners.

Warning & Error Messages

Change the look & feel of messages as they appear in your website.

For example, when someone enters the wrong user credentials.

Change the Look & Feel

styles tabs container

Read on to learn how to change the look and feel with just a few simple clicks.

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