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WYNCHCO website designs not only respond to the needs of your website's visitors.

They also respond to your needs as website owner!

Why choose one of our WYNCHCO website designs?


  • We aim to put YOU in control of your website.
  • We aim to unleash your creative side!

Dab the image below to see what we mean ...

Responsive mobile friendly website design by WYNCHCO Solutions

Control at your fingertips!

If you are using a WYNCHCO website this guide will help you change its Look & Feel.

First things first.

Every WYNCHCO website design is comprised of five LAYERS:

  • MAIN BODY and
  • BOXES.



Second, you can change the Look & Feel of your website LAYER by LAYER using these five STYLE SETS.


BACKGROUND refers to the layer of display which sits behind the CONTAINER when your website is viewed in a browser window.

Use this Style Set to change the appearance of the BACKGROUND.

example background

Choose to display the BACKGROUND as an:

  • IMAGE,
  • a COLOUR, or
  • BOTH at the same time.

When you choose to display an IMAGE then you may control when it is visible.

For examaple:

  • only on PCs,
  • only on Tablets (landscape) & PCs,
  • only on Tablets & PCs, or
  • across ALL devices, including Phones.

Choose what kind of BACKGROUND is displayed:

  • colour,
  • gradient,
  • repeating pattern, or
  • large image.

Read more: How to change Background.


The CONTAINER is the LAYER of display which sits in front of the BACKGROUND in a WYNCHCO website design.

example container

What you can change with the CONTAINER Style Set.

  • Remove space above the CONTAINER.
  • Round or Square Corners.

By default the CONTAINER In a WYNCHCO website design has rounded Top Corners and a space above it.

If you would rather have square Top Corners and no space above it, you can.

Read more: How to change Container.


The FOREGROUND is the LAYER of display which sits in front of the CONTAINER in a WYNCHCO website design.

example foreground

What you can change with the FOREGROUND Style Set.


Change the size of website TEXT.

Increase or decrease LETTER SPACING.

Read more: How to change Foreground features.


The MAIN BODY is the LAYER of display which sits in front of the FOREGROUND in a WYNCHCO website design.

It is where published ARTICLES are displayed as well as MODULES assigned to the ABOVE-ARTICLE and BELOW-ARTICLE positions.

example mainbody

What you can change with the MAIN BODY Style Set.


Increase ARTICLE padding to create a more open feel.

Indent BREADCRUMBS if and when you do.

Read more: How to change Main Body features.


BOX refers to a MODULE which has been assigned a BOX STYLE SET.

BOX STYLE SETS enable you to change the Look & Feel of BOXES.

example boxes


  • SOLIDBOX, and

The image below illustrates the breadth of available STYLE SETS.


Change the Look & Feel of BOXES, including:

  • Heading Text Colour,
  • Heading Background Colour, and
  • Border Width & Colour.

The appearance of any MODULE which has been assigned the relevant BOX STYLE SET will be instantly changed.

Read more: How to change Boxes.


Third, every WYNCHCO website design includes the following additional STYLE SETS to help you customise the Look & Feel of your website.


control display by device and screen size

Every WYNCHCO website design is equipped with STYLE SETS to enable you to control how your website is presented in response to the:

  • type of device, and
  • screen size

used by visitors.

Control display by device

STYLE SETS enable you to present a fast loading SIMPLIFIED view of your web pages on Phones & Tablets.

And a more COMPLEX detailed view when displayed on PCs and laptops.


  • Faster page load speeds on small screen devices.
  • Improved performance in search engines.

Control display by screen size

STYLE SETS enable you to present:


in response to the size of screen being used by website visitors.


  • reduced clutter on small screens,
  • improved user experience and
  • improved search engine results.

Visitors will:

  • spend longer time on page, and
  • be more likely to make a return visit.

Read more: How to control display by Device and Screen Size.


The LAYOUT Style Set enables you to choose:


example layout

Display Format

Choose between FIXED and FLUID display formats.

  • FLUID: website container fills the screen on all devices.
  • STATIC: website container sits in the centre of the screen on large screen devices.


Choose the width of SIDEBAR to be displayed:

  • WIDE or

Read more: How to change Layout.


FONT FAMILY Style Sets enable you to change the FONT FAMILY used by different elements of a WYNCHCO website design.

Font Family

The default FONT FAMILY in a WYNCHCO website design is:

  • Helmet,Freesans,Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif; 

but you can easily change this for any one of the following elements:

  • paragraph text,
  • heading text,
  • menu links,
  • NAVBAR menu links, and
  • the Site Title.

Being able to change the SITE TITLE FONT is especially useful if you choose to display a SITE TITLE rather than a SITE BANNER.

Read more: How to change Font Families

Font Awesome Icons

FONT AWESOME ICON Style Sets enable you to insert some neat little icons in your website.

What is Font Awesome?

It is a font and icon toolkit which provides more than 600 vector icons, like the one shown below.

These are free to use within your website, even if its purpose is commercial.


Example Font Awesome Icon


Read more: How to display Font Awesome Icons.

It's easy to change Look & Feel

Fourth, we make it easy for you to change Look & Feel.

Simply sign into your website control panel and follow the steps below.

Open the Templates > Styles screen

Select Extensions > Templates > Styles from the menu at the top of your website's control panel.

templates styles

Open the WYNCHCO template screen

Select the name of the WYNCHCO template to view the STYLE SETS.

template manager style sets

Select a Style Set

Select each tab in turn to change the settings of each STYLE SET.

template manager style sets

Toggle the buttons

template manager style tab


Even more control at your fingertips!

Finally, for more control over Look & Feel, ask about our ENHANCED STYLE SETS.

ENHANCED STYLE SETS are designed to help you exert more LAYER by LAYER control over your website's Look & Feel.

For example, change the OPACITY LEVEL of any one layer to reveal more or less of an underlying layer.

Read more: Enhanced Style Sets.

Work smarter NOT harder!

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