Protect User Registration & Your Contacts Form

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Joomla! is intrinsically spam proof

First, all email links within the main content of a Joomla! website are protected from spambots by javascript code.

And second, the Captcha - Recaptcha Plugin enables you to add reCAPTCHA to your website.

In this article

What does Captcha do?

How to enable Captcha - Recaptcha.

Captcha and the Contact Form.

Captcha and the User Registration Form.

Core vs 3rd Party Plugin

Correct use of the Captcha - Recaptcha Plugin will effectively prevent most, if not all, spambots from bothering you when you enable it to work with:

  • User Registration (if enabled) and
  • Contacts page Contact Form (when published).

Not all?

Even when Captcha - Recaptcha Plugin is enabled you will receive some spam mail and user registrations.

We did, and so we resorted to using a 3rd party extension instead.

Google Captcha Keys

The Joomla! CMS Captcha - Recaptcha Plugin is disabled by default in WYNCHCO website designs.

Reason: its use requires Google Captcha Keys.

To obtain these you need to first open an account with Google.

When you do, this article will help you:

  • create a Google Account,
  • acquire Google Captcha Keys.
  • configure and activate the Captcha - Recaptcha Plugin,
  • protect User Registration when it is activated, and
  • protect the Contact Form when it is enabled.

Read more: How to acquire Google Captcha keys.

Work smarter NOT harder!

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