joomla support cheshire manchester merseyside north west ukIf you want to develop a blog to help promote your website, then the best place to host the blog is INSIDE the website you want to promote.

Who says? All the SEO experts.

As a result, all WYNCHCO website designs, by default, include a pre-configured blog for your use.

In this article we cover:

Blog Structure.
How to post to the Blog.
How to link to the Blog.
Latest Posts.
Popular Posts.
Archived Posts.

Drag & Drop

Both JCE and TinyMCE Content Editors support Drag & Drop (since the advent of Joomla! 3.5).

When editing an Article you can simply drag an image from your device into the Content Editor panel.

Images dragged from your device will be stored in the root of the IMAGES directory.

JCE also enables you to drag & drop images to a specific IMAGES sub-directory when you use the Image Manager.

Read more: How to upload images.


Example Blog

WYNCHCO website designs include an example Blog which when published in the Front End has the following features.

blog front end

Work smarter NOT harder!

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