How to change the Look & Feel

BACKGROUND refers to the layer of display which sits behind the CONTAINER when your website is viewed in a browser window.

example background


Change the following features with just a few simple clicks.

Choose to display either a BACKGROUND COLOUR, a BACKGROUND, or both!

Background Colour

The BACKGROUND COLOUR is by default white in a WYNCHCO website design.

But you can change this.

Background Image

No BACKGROUND IMAGE is displayed by default in a WYNCHCO website design.

But you can change this.

When you do you can control when the IMAGE is visible.

For example:

  • only on PCs,
  • only on Tablets (landscape view) & PCs,
  • only on Tablets & PCs, or
  • across ALL devices, including Phones.

Choose what kind of BACKGROUND is displayed:

  • colour,
  • gradient,
  • repeating pattern, or
  • large image.

Background Padding

Top Padding: increase padding at top of the browser screen.

Side Padding: adjust padding to the left and right of the browser screen.


styles tabs background

Read on to learn how to change the screen BACKGROUND with just a few simple clicks.

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