How to change the Look & Feel

BACKGROUND refers to the layer of display which sits behind the CONTAINER when your website is viewed in a browser window.

example background


Change the following features with just a few simple clicks.

Choose to display either a BACKGROUND COLOUR, a BACKGROUND IMAGE or both at the same time.

Background Colour

Change the BACKGROUND COLOUR of your website.

It is white by default but you can display any colour you choose.

Background Image

Choose instead to display a BACKGROUND IMAGE.

When you do you can control when the IMAGE is visible.

For example:

  • only on PCs,
  • only on Tablets (landscape view) & PCs,
  • only on Tablets & PCs, or
  • across ALL devices, including Phones.

Choose what kind of BACKGROUND is displayed:

  • colour,
  • gradient,
  • repeating pattern, or
  • large image.

Background Padding

Increase padding:

  • at top, and
  • to the left and right

of the browser screen on PCs and Tablets (landscape).


styles tabs background

Read on to learn how to change the screen BACKGROUND with just a few simple clicks.

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