How to add the Google Analytics Tracking Code

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There are several ways to add the ANALYTICS TRACKING CODE to your website.

Ask Google HELP 'how to add a tracking code to my website' when you sign into the Google console and you will see the options listed here.

Google Help

Google Help offers guidance in relation to websites in general but makes no mention of Joomla!

For example, they state:

"Add the entire tracking code snippet to each web page you want to track.


Add the tracking code snippet just before the closing tag on each page.

Joomla! CMS

So how do you add an Analytics Tracking Code to a Joomla! CMS website?

You could install a 3rd party extension and use it to complete this task.

We prefer to simply add the script to the INDEX.PHP file of a WYNCHCO template.

In this article we show you how.

But if you need help, just ask.

How to add the Analytics Tracking Code

Read on to discover where in the INDEX.PHP file we add the Analytics Tracking Code.

And how?

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