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The recent publication by Hacker News that more than 15,000 Wordpress websites having been compromised in a malicious SEO campaign by hackers should serve as a warning to users of all Content Management Systems, the Joomla! CMS included.

The fact that open source content management systems are widely used across the globe makes them a big fat juicy target for hackers.

Reports suggest the most likely attack vector was the use of brute force to log into the website Dashboard.

The Hacker News recommend that Wordpress website owners:

  • add Two-factor Authentication to their website control panel (or dashboard), and
  • check they are using the latest version of Wordpress ans its extensions (or addons)

to reduce the risk of their website being compromised in this way.

Source: The Hacker News.

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What can you Joomla! CMS users do to protect their website?

The addition of Multi-factor Authentication with the launch of the Joomla! 4 CMS is a great new initiative by The Joomla! Project.

Using one of the available plugins with your website is now made relatively straightforward.

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You should also password protect your website's Administrator directory.

This can be achieved via the Hosting Control Panel included with your Hosting Account.

Example: cPanel users can enable Directory Privacy via the Files panel of the cPanel Dashboard.

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Be bold, add a Web Application Firewall to your website.

Akeeba Admin Tools PRO supports password protection and the use of a secret URL to cloak your website's Administrator directory URL.

It also includes a host of other security enhancements.

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About The Hacker News

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Protect Your Web Connection

The security and privacy settings of most applications used to connect to the web do not by default offer much protection at all.

It is hoped the pointers provided in this article will help you address the lax default settings of the applications you use.

And in so doing protect your Personal Data, your Hosting Account and your Website from being compromised by hackers.

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