Latest PHP Security Fix announced

joomla help support cheshire manchester merseyside north west ukThe latest release for the PHP 7.4 Series is PHP 7.4.29.

This is a SECURITY RELEASE for Windows users.

Are YOU checking which version and release of PHP is being used by your Joomla! website?

We strongly recommend that you periodically check which release is being provided by your hosting provider for the PHP version used by your website.

Always request that they provide the latest available security release.

We recommend using PHP 7.4 or PHP 8 if you are using the latest available release of Joomla! CMS (recommended).

We tell you how to check which PHP version/release is being used by your Joomla! website in our JOOMLERS.UK User Guide.

Check whether any 3rd party extensions used by your website are compatible with a version of PHP before changing.

If your website uses a 3rd party extension that is not compatible with either PHP 7.4 or PHP 8 then use a different extension to avoid increased risk of your website being compromised.


How to check which PHP version is being used

You can quickly check the version of PHP after signing into your website's control panel.

Select System > System Information from the menu at the top of the control panel screen.

Read more: How to check which version of PHP is being used.

PHP versions

If the version of PHP used by your website is earlier than PHP 7.4, use the PHP Selector in your Hosting Control Panel to upgrade PHP.

Or contact your hosting provider and request an upgrade.

Reason: your website will perform better and it will be more secure.

Use the latest available release of PHP version which is compatible with the latest available release of Joomla! CMS and any 3rd party extensions being used by your website.

Read more: About PHP.

Read more: Making sense of the Web Hosting Environment.


Make Joomla! CMS Security YOUR #1 Priority

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