Akeeba Backup 8.0.11 Bug Fix Release

joomla help support cheshire manchester merseyside north west ukRelease date: 28 September 2021.

Akeeba Backup 8.0.11 is a bug fix release.

Akeeba recommends that you should always use the latest version of a currently supported PHP branch which is marked as being in ‘active development’.

See which PHP a version of Akeeba Backup is compatible with at the link below.

Heads Up

Post Joomla! 4  the developer states:

"We provide limited support for our extensions on Joomla 3 until August 17th, 2023 and only on Joomla 3.10."

Akeeba Backup 8 is the legacy version for Joomla! 3 and for updating to Joomla! 4.

Akeeba Backup 9 is the developer's native Joomla! 4 backup extension.

Read more: Akeeba Documentation.


Useful Links

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Useful Advice

Back up before updating any 3rd Party Joomla! extension

Any update can break your website.

Perform a FULL backup of your website (database and files) before installing any update.

Read more: How to back up your website.

Read more: How to manage 3rd party extensions.


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