Hacker News report Microsoft release patch for actively exploited Windows Zero-Day Vulnerability

joomla help support cheshire manchester merseyside north west uk14 September 2021.

The Hacker News report that "Microsoft has pushed software fixes as part of its monthly Patch Tuesday release cycle to plug 66 security holes affecting Windows and other components ... including an actively exploited zero-day in its MSHTML Platform that came to light last week."

"Of the 66 flaws, three are rated Critical, 62 are rated Important, and one is rated Moderate in severity."

This report follows previous reports of issues affecting Internet Explorer and the Windows Print Spooler Component. See links below.

A zero-day attack patch is issued by developers when they discover a flaw which has been exploited without their knowledge. 

Source: The Hacker News.

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Heads Up

A New Bug in Microsoft Windows Could Let Hackers Easily Install a Rootkit

23 September 2021

The Hacker News reported that "Security researchers have disclosed an unpatched weakness in Microsoft Windows Platform Binary Table (WPBT) affecting all Windows-based devices since Windows 8 that could be potentially exploited to install a rootkit and compromise the integrity of devices."

"In response to the findings, Microsoft has recommended using a Windows Defender Application Control (WDAC) policy to tightly control what binaries can be permitted to run on the devices."

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Windows MSHTML 0-Day Exploited to Deploy Cobalt Strike Beacon in Targeted Attacks

16 September 2021

"MSHTML (aka Trident) is a software component used to render web pages on Windows. Although it’s most commonly associated with Internet Explorer, it is also used in other software including versions of Skype, Microsoft Outlook, Visual Studio, and others." Source: Malwarebytes LABS.

THe Hacker News reported that "Microsoft ... (has) disclosed details of a targeted phishing campaign that leveraged a now-patched zero-day flaw in its MSHTML platform using specially-crafted Office documents to deploy Cobalt Strike Beacon on compromised Windows systems."

Make sure the Windows you are using is up to date at all times.

Read more: Windows MSHTML 0-Day Exploited to Deploy Cobalt Strike Beacon in Targeted Attacks.


New 0-Day Attack Targeting Windows Users With Microsoft Office Documents

7 September 2021

Hacker News reported:

"Microsoft (have) warned of an actively exploited zero-day flaw impacting Internet Explorer that's being used to hijack vulnerable Windows systems by leveraging weaponized Office documents. Microsoft, upon completion of the investigation, is expected to either release a security update as part of its Patch Tuesday monthly release cycle or issue an out-of-band patch "depending on customer needs." In the interim, the Windows maker is urging users and organizations to disable all ActiveX controls in Internet Explorer to mitigate any potential attack."

Source: New 0-Day Attack Targeting Windows Users With Microsoft Office Documents.


Microsoft Warned of Another Unpatched Windows Print Spooler RCE Vulnerability

11 August 2021

Hacker News reported:

"A day after releasing Patch Tuesday updates, Microsoft acknowledged yet another remote code execution vulnerability in the Windows Print Spooler component, adding that it's working to remediate the issue in an upcoming security update."

Source: Microsoft Warns of Another Unpatched Windows Print Spooler RCE Vulnerability.

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Update Microsoft Windows to the latest release

By default the Windows OS should update automatically.

But to be on the safe side, you should still check you are using the latest release.

"To install the latest security updates, Windows users can head to Start > Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update, or by selecting Check for Windows updates." (Hacker News).


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