Joomla! Help Support Warrington Cheshire Manchester Merseyside UKDate: 28 November 2023.

The Joomla! Project has announced the release of Joomla! 5.0.1.

It is a Security Release.

Read on for links to Release Notes and Joomla! Project Advice for Upgrading to Joomla! 5.

Read more: Joomla! 5.0.1 is released by The Joomla! Project.

Read more: Technical Requirements for hosting a Joomla! CMS website.

Visit the following link to learn more about why The Joomla! Project require a more recent version of MySQL to be used with Joomla! 5 than was the case with Joomla! 4.

Embracing Change: Why Joomla 5’s Requirement for MySQL 8 is a Leap Forward.


Useful Advice

The Joomla! Project recommend you try updating a backup of your live website before attempting to update your live website.

First check the PHP and MySQL used by your website's server are compatible with running Joomla! 5.

See link above.

Read more: Joomla_4.4 to Joomla! 5 Planning and Upgrade Step by Step.

Good news, Joomla! 4.x templates should work with Joomla! 5.

Need help upgrading your website, just ask.

Contact WYNCHCO Solutions Customer Support.


Heads Up

Joomla! Project support for the Joomla! 4 series is expected to end on 17 October 2025.

Need help upgrading your website to Joomla! 5 before then, just ask.

The Compatibility Plugin is enabled by default in the Joomla! 5 CMS.

Purpose: to enable Third Party Extensions which are not yet compatible with the Joomla! 5 CMS to continue to function after you update your website.

Its use will however adversely impact your website's performance in browsers.

Your website's page load times will be slower.

For this reason you may wish to avoid using extensions which require use of the Compatibility Plugin.

If all your website's Third Party Extensions are compatible with Joomla! 5 then you may disable the plugin.

The Joomla! Project has published a useful guide at the following link.

Read More: Issues to consider before you disable the Compatibility Plugin.

Security and Bug Fix support for Joomla! 3.10 by The Joomla! Project ended on 17 August 2023.

The Joomla! Project recently announced an Extended Long Term Support (ELTS) programme for users of Joomla! 3 who cannot switch to Joomla! 4 before the deadline; it will run for 18 months from the above date and be offered on a subscription basis.

Read more: What is the ELTS programme?


Useful Links

Read more; The Joomla! Project's plans for Joomla! 5.

Read more: The Joomla! Roadmap.

Read more: Web Application Firewall.


Back up before updating the Joomla! CMS

Any update can break your website.

Perform a full backup of your website (database and files) before installing any update.

Read more: How to back up your website.


Protect your Joomla! website

We recommend that you protect your assets by installing a Web Application Firewall.

Need help, just ask.

Read more: Web Application Firewall.


Make Joomla! CMS Security your #1 Priority

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